Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Game Controller Review

Written by Louise Grey

With a newborn baby herself, Louise has been reviewing products on the baby market for a number of years and prides herself on a unique take on every product she reviews!

Last Updated 09/23/2020

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game Controller Review


Since we got this amazing toy for our little one he has been non-stop being playing with it, Your baby can get into the gaming fun with this great toy! The toy features two ‘Gaming’ modes which can be switched by a little switch on the front of the controller which allows your baby to interact in a completely different way with different noises and music.

With a combination of presses, they will hear exciting songs, phrases and sounds that introduce them to the world of numbers, colours, shapes and much more!


The Product Build

The Fisher-Price Game Controller is built with a robust framework for even the most aggressive plays with your child, the buttons are very firm and are built to last – when we were using the product with our baby he was squeezing and twisting the joysticks with no problems.


The Use

The Controller is great for any car journey and especially great to take in the bag when you are off on a trip, the light and sleek nature of the toy makes it easily transportable and not too clunky if the child wants to play in the car or other seats. We find that when our baby uses the product it keeps them occupied for a long time as there are so many moving parts with such a small product it’s just great! We always find that our baby is also reaching for our phones or TV remotes as its one of the main things they can hold at the moment so this was just a no-brainer, If I was going to recommend a toy for a new Mum this would be at the top of the list.



The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game Controller is one of the top products to come out from fisher price and with such praise from people buying the product it’s not hard to see why! I would say the best part of this product is the vast amount of colours and sounds that come from this device which makes it such a distractor for your baby, Lets be honest that is the main goal while you want to drink your tea.

Coming in at around £10 it’s very hard to see why you shouldn’t buy this product for your baby and we just love it!

Name: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Game Controller

Brand: Fisher Price

Weight: 68 Grams

Dimensions: 15.01 x 10.01 x 5 cm

Colour: Multiple Colours