Best days out with your Baby in the UK

Written by Louise Grey

With a newborn baby herself, Louise has been reviewing products on the baby market for a number of years and prides herself on a unique take on every product she reviews!

Last Updated 09/17/2020

Best days out with your Baby in the UK

So, you have a day off or have no plans for the rest of the day what shall you do with the little one? Well, BubbaBubba have you covered with the definitive list of great days out for the baby and you!

We have curated a perfect day-out list to cover all bases and preferences, which the whole family will enjoy! We always want to make sure that having fun shouldn’t only be enjoyed by the kids and something for mum and dad to remember also!

Here are 10 amazing days out for your baby!


Best Days out with Baby

1. Peppa Pig World (Hampshire)

Peppa pig has always been the family favourite for entertaining the kids for several years now and Peppa Pig world has all the fun for a family day out with the baby! Peppa Pig World is located in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire and boasts amazing scenery as well as creating a great experience for the kids. If you are interested in choosing this as your family day out and you want to find out more then please click here.

Best days out with baby

2. Thomas Land (Staffordshire)

This is an amazing one for the baby boys out there and the amazing train lovers of this world! Thomas land makes all of your train dreams come true with interactive rides and information skits on the famous television show! This one is not one to miss and if you are interested please click here to find out more.

Best days out with baby

3. Legoland (Windsor)

Legoland is one of the most famous family attractions to ever hit the UK and has been a fan favourite for many years now! The excitement of entering one of the most famous parks in the UK is just enough for the adults so you can imagine how the kids will react – the theme park boasts Rides, Attractions, shows and amazing interactive events for the family. Find out more here.

Best Days out with baby

4. Gulliver’s Land (Milton Keynes)

This amazing park located in Milton Keynes and really is worth the visit if you are close by! Enter the whispering woods and take the breath-taking fairy trail through the woods to turn your baby’s imagination into reality. More information here.

best days out with baby

5. Sea Life Centre (London)

Now, this is one for all of the family and has been a massive tourist attraction for many years and is the perfect place to take your baby too! The amazing colours and fish get your baby’s brain working and its always a favourite – The centre boasts some live shows and demonstrations that if booked early enough can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close to your aquatic friends, find out more here!

best days out with baby

6. Cbeebies Land (Alton)

If your baby has been anywhere near a television since he/she was born then they have probably watched Cbeebies at some point and this is why Cbeebies land seriously is one to attend! From Postman Pat to In the Night Garden there is something for everyone, Expect your babies to be in a state of awe from the time your arrive until the time you leave this really isn’t one to miss – find out more here.

best days out with baby

7. Colchester Zoo (Colchester)

Now we have looked at your fish friends but how about them land animals! Colchester Zoo has everything your child needs if you get the right time of year you can also feed some of the wildlife there which has its photographic opportunities in itself. From checking out some of the monkey species to being up-close and personal with some of the lion cubs there is so much to do here! Find out about booking!

best days out with baby

8. Partyman World of Play (Various Locations)

If you are looking for something a little more than your usual soft play areas then Partyman World of Play is the place to go! Your little one has so many different areas to play in and the bright colours make it such a fun place to go.

best days out with baby

9. Marsh Farm (South Woodham)

Now a farm that boasts some great aesthetics and some great fun for your baby! There are so many activities to do there and even some interactive shows to keep the whole family entertained. Find out more information here.

best days out with baby

10. Leisure World (Various Locations)

Getting wet and wild with the kids is a great way to have fun and also get them ready for their all-important swimming lessons! Leisure world has always maintained a great standard of swimming pools and is a great place to take your baby! Some even feature slides for the older ones to experience and for a bonus it normally tires out the kids for your rest when you get home!

We hope you liked our list of great things to do with your baby! We Loved researching the topics and gaining all the relevant information to make the list, remember there is a lot to do with your little one without spending a single penny so don’t always feel stressed about planning a day out!