Best Baby Dressing Gowns

by | Jul 6, 2020

Written by Louise Grey

With a newborn baby herself, Louise has been reviewing products on the baby market for a number of years and prides herself on a unique take on every product she reviews!

Dressing gowns are the perfect solution to allow your children to feel comfortably warm even when the night gets chilly. They can be worn before going to sleep or also as a sort of bedroom jacket if you’re feeling especially cold during the day. Dressing gowns know how to take the in-house comfort levels up a notch.

Adding the warmth and fuzziness to their ears, arms, and feet, these ultra-soft robes are no less than a warm bear hug on a cold winter day. We’ve gathered the finest dressing gowns for kids that will ensure their coziness throughout the day.

The Best Reviewed Baby Dressing Gowns

1.Personalised Blue Bear Towelling Robe

Medala Electric Breast Pump

These pure cotton lion towel wraps will hold your kid cosy and comfortable during bath time. The towelling robes are comfortable and breathable and a chic for cute little toddlers.

They come equipped with a waist belt and patched pockets for a very functional suit. Children of all ages will find its cheerful design will be highly enjoyable. You can also turn it into a unique gift using free customization options.

Key Features


Comes with embroidered personalisation


It is made from pure cotton


It can easily be washed in the machine

2.Personalised Pink Bunny Towelling Robe

Elvie Electric Breast Pump

It’s no surprise that all children have a soft spot for furry animals. To make your cute little tot even cuter, try this personalized pink bunny robe made from natural cotton and super soft on your baby’s skin.

This robe is the perfect bedtime and bath time companion for all kids, and it assures, keeping them warm and comfortable throughout the day. You could even add some personalized details to the towel robe to make your child feel even special.

Key Features


Soft and comfortable material


Easily washable


A personalisation option is available

3.Grey Koala Towelling Dressing Gown

Grey Koala Dressing Gown

This towel robe is an impossibly cute design that would look even better with your little one carrying it. The koala design makes this robe quite eye-catching for kids while it serves the purpose of keeping them warm and cosy. Ultra-soft cotton is super snug, making it perfect for cold mornings and evenings.

You can also personalize it with someone dear to you by adding their name to the robe. The hooded look keeps it exceptionally cosy, and little children would love the cute koala ears. These dressing gowns come with a convenient popper to the breast to guarantee that the warmth stays tightly sealed.

Key Features


Elasticated rear for convenience


Full-length sleeves


Fine animal embroidery


Useful Waist tie


Made from pure cotton

4.Fox Towelling Dressing Gown

The Fox Towelling Dressing Gown is an unexpected adorable design that is both functional and pleasant to carry, particularly when tailored to create an exceptionally unique treat with a cherished one ‘s name.

The extremely cosy cotton fabric renders the robe suitable for when the temperature drops drastically. The helmeted design with fox ears is a bonus feature that all kids love. The waist tie makes it sure that the warmth stays entrapped, and your child never feels cold.

Key Features


Made with ultra-soft cotton


Available with full-length sleeves and a waist belt


Can be customised

5.Faux Fur Dressing Gown

Medala Flex Electric Pump

Dress your kids up to please everyone with this trendy faux fur dressing robe that can be worn throughout the entire day. The quality of the fake fur is extremely fluffy and comfortable, whereas the long arms, fixed waist belt, and hood keep your little ones all warm and toasty. The hood also comes with 3D ears for an additional fun look.

Key Features


Comes with a non-detachable waist belt


Faux fur layout


Hooded with fun 3D ears


Long length sleeves

6.Personalised Elephant Dressing Gown

Medela Harmony Breast Pump

Who doesn’t love elephants? They are big, warm, and kind, which is why this elephant designed robe is sure to make your child stand out of the crowd with its quirky design. The super cosy fleece gives additional warmth to the robe.

It comes with a hood, front pockets, and a waist belt as well. Another plus point about this robe is that it can be customized by adding a name to it and color change as well. So, you can get the robe in any color that you or your child prefer.

Key Features


Made from pure polyester


Made from high-quality fleece


Comes with pockets and a waist belt

7.Cartoon Flannel Bathrobe

Nuby Ultimate Electric Breast Pump

This robe is unisex, and it has been made from the finest cashmere blends, which give it an extra oomph factor. These robes are available in a wide variety of sizes; they can be worn by kids ranging from the age of 3 to 24 months. The cute animal designs and the super soft material makes them extra cozy and comfortable to be used by kids.

Key Features


Made from cashmere blends


Wide size range available


Variety of designs available

Best Dressing Gowns for baby Buyers Guide & FAQ’s

How we reviewed the Products?


The products have been reviewed based on the following credentials:

●     Brand

Everyone wants a reliable product, and a trusted brand can ensure the quality and safety of the product.

●     Price

We have chosen products that have good quality and reasonable rates.

●     Reviews

The products have been selected after careful consideration of various reviews.


What are the features to look out for?

The following features should be looked out for:

●     Safety and Security

Since it’s something for children, so it should be safe to use.

●     Comfort

It should be warm, comfortable, and cozy.

●     Easy to wash

A good clothing product is always easy to wash.


What is the product? 

Baby dressing gowns are made for children as young as 3 months old, and then they go up to the age of 5 or 6. These gowns offer your tiny tots an outer protective layer to keep them cozy and warm on a particularly chilly day or night.

Why do you need to use this product?

This product is used to be worn in the house, and it can be worn at any time of the day. It has been made with soft and warm materials such as fleece, cotton, and cashmere blends that keep the warmth trapped inside for the comfort of your child.